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People who create positions in Futures and options also believe that they are investing in futures but actually that is speculation. So it is very important to understand the difference between Investment, speculation and gambling. Following chart will clarify the how investment and speculation are different.

Understanding the difference between Investing, Speculation and Gambling.Speculation is the easier one of the lot. Assume 2 friends sit together for a game of cards.The total gains will equal the total losses. Many ‘investment avenues’ that one sees around us are actually speculative in nature... Difference between gambling speculation and investment Gambling is fundamentally different from investment and speculation in following respects. Quick Outcome: Normally Outcome of gambling is knowThe main difference between speculating and investing is the amount of of risk undertaken in the trade. Typically, high-risk trades that are almost... Speculation: A History Of The Fine Line Between Gambling

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Differentiate Between Investment Speculation And Gambling ... Differentiate Between Investment Speculation And Gambling Finance Essay. Investment has different meanings in finance and economics. Finance investment  ... Investment Vs Speculation , Gambling and Arbitrage - SlideShare

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Investment Vs Speculation , Gambling and Arbitrage 1. Investment Analysis & Management Investment v/s Speculation – Arbitrage – Gambling Presented by Binto Mathachan. 2. Investment = Speculation ?  Investment- Sacrifice of certain present value for the uncertain future reward Financial Investment-An exchange of financial... Gambling Speculation and Investment Gambling, Speculation, and Investment The term “investment” has grown.Specifically, it has grown to absorb activities that once would have been properly identified as “ speculation” and participants who would properly have been termed “speculators.” Investor Home - Speculation, Investment, Gambling,…

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